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Graham Beattie

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Graham Beattie is a consultant and accredited coach with a Doctor of Ministry Degree (Fuller Theological Seminary USA) and over 25 years’ experience consulting and coaching various business executives and other leaders. He operates from a strengths-based approach that prompts you to address any thinking and behaviour that could be keeping you from achieving your professional and personal development goals. This approach gives you meaning, motivation and direction, so you become successful while still maintaining your core values and ethical frameworks.

Graham’s approach also helps you tap into your inner resources and capacities, particularly in goal discernment, strategising, and skill development. He uses empowering questions and in-depth listening to prompt you to reflect on your reality, discern your future direction, and develop goals and action plans that focus on a successful future.

Graham’s services include:

  • One-on-one leadership coaching for organisational executives and managers to help them successfully facilitate change and achieve business and personal goals.
  • Helping potential and emerging leaders discern and focus career direction and develop relevant capacities through working with strengths and addressing weaknesses.
  • Facilitating relational and assertive communication that helps to empower collaborative and effective teams.

Graham has also established effective coaching systems in faith and community service organisations. His clients have included Uniting Church, UnitingCare, Lifeline, Lutheran Church Qld and leaders from several Christian denominations. He has extensive experience assisting some of the largest congregations in Australia, and in regional judicatories, state and national consultancy, and other resourcing roles. From early 1993 until 2013, he specialised full-time in denominationally based consulting and coaching. Since then, he has developed his own coaching and consulting business working with business, church and community leaders.

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Praises from Graham’s clients

Prior to meeting Graham Beattie, I had no previous experience with coaching and was wondering about its potential effectiveness, usefulness and expected time commitment.

Graham had me undertake a personality assessment and then shaped our interaction to working in with my ‘style’.  This impressed me to begin with that this was not going to be a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

Our meetings have been informal, and this has better enabled me to relax and begin to trust (something that does not come easily) and therefore share with Graham.  As I have trusted him and shared Graham has not only reflected back to me my thoughts, but has actively challenged, engaged and encouraged. Recently, we had what I considered a breakthrough in our coaching and I saw Graham’s expertise making valuable observations of my situation.” John O’Keefe, Director (Retired), Ministry & Mission Qld District, Lutheran Church of Australia

“Without doubt coaching has been a life-giving encounter for me. It’s a ‘safe place’ for me to pause, breathe, and reflect on my ministry practice; with my coach, Graham Beattie, providing a fresh set of eyes for my ministry and a word of encouragement in season. Just as important to me, the coaching relationship provides structure, impetus and accountability in regard to setting realistic, but challenging goals – and pursuing them. I’m actually not a goal setter by nature, so I find coaching ‘rounds me out’ with the gift of forward momentum!” ⁠— Brett Kennett, District Pastor for Congregational Support Victoria and Tasmania District, Lutheran Church of Australia

“I have been working with Graham for some time during some challenging times and now as I lead a 3000 plus staff organisation. Graham’s approach is considered and set within a clear framework. He brings a sense of warmth but at the same time stretches your thinking.” Paul Scully, former CEO, Churches of Christ Qld

“I’ve grown as a leader in my time with Graham. While there’s no substitute to learning by doing—and failing occasionally⁠—having Graham as an independent coach has been an invaluable resource for me.

Graham’s a wise and patient coach who, despite his own experience, draws from a vast array of knowledge and research.

I’ve had no hesitation in recommending Graham as a coach to all my managers. They’ve become stronger leaders and more balanced people as a result.

I’ll soon leave for an overseas posting and hope I can continue to engage him. We’re indebted to him.”Chey Mattner, former Executive Director, Australian Lutheran World Service

“Did I need a coach? Graham quickly settled that!

Not only has he helped me sharpen my appreciation of giftings, needs and calling, he has pitched in with consultation skills to help reset our course as a church.

 I am repeatedly aided by my monthly meetings which sharpen my focus, encourage my wisdom and strategy, and enrich me by care and prayer. Graham also prompts me by current writers, research and strategies thanks to his full quiver of new and old arrows. I am repeatedly inspired and grateful.” ⁠— Robin Stelzer, Lead Pastor, Rochedale Lutheran Church, Qld

“I was introduced to Graham 4 years ago by my Church Pastor at a time when I was struggling to find balance in my career aspirations, family life and spiritual and personal wellbeing. Graham’s coaching style was an ideal fit for me as he introduced me to tools, strategies and his life experiences that have helped me find balance and joy in my life.

Our coaching partnership has led me through three promotions, a move from Brisbane to Sydney, ever increasing my involvement in my church community, while growing stronger relationships with my three sons and wife.” ⁠— Shane Albances, Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Cochlear Ltd


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