Ralph Bowles

Ralph Bowles helps Christian churches become healthier and therefore more likely to survive and thrive. He has 35 years of experience as a full-time vocational Christian leader and a coach in leadership development in non-profit settings. In his coaching business, Focus Energies Coaching, he aims to help individuals, leaders and teams to maximise their potential for success.

Ralph’s services include:

  • Church leadership coaching: Become a successful church leader by getting the coaching you need to implement Ralph’s effective organisational improvement-cycle methodology with confidence. It’s designed to help you, your team and your church and its community to flourish.
  • Church and parish health coaching and consultation: Get the coaching and consultation to successfully administer a Church Health Survey (or a Parish Health Assessment) that has proven to be a powerful tool to help church leaders identify the barriers, strengths and potential for growth for their churches and parishes. Ralph provides consultation as you use the Natural Church Development toolbox to design a Church Health Action Plan and make significant improvements in key areas that would strengthen your team and boost growth for your church and parish.
  • Spiritual growth coaching: Explore your spiritual growth through coaching-style guidance that helps you discern how to develop and grow through your relationship with God. Ralph will guide you as you progress through a range of important growth dimensions such as spiritual disciplines, spiritual gifts, spiritual styles, the Christian life as pilgrimage, and spiritual warfare.
  • Training for church teams: Ralph offers several training seminars and workshops for church teams. Some of the seminars use the research-based resources of Natural Church Development. As there are always new resources being released, Ralph also offers to deploy them to your church, so your team’s knowledge and skills remain relevant, resourceful and effective.

 Ralph completed a Doctor of Ministry Degree from San Francisco Theological Seminary in 1995, with a research focus on Leadership Development. He is also a trained CoachNet Global coach and works with Natural Church Development Australia as a consultant and coach for local churches.

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