Chris Harding


Chris Harding is the co-founder and director of Begin Global Coaching, a ministry leadership coaching business committed to empowering church leaders, NGOs, missionary directors, teams, boards and individuals to live and work for the advancement of those they love and for whom they’re responsible. Chris has over 10 years’ experience working cross culturally and as such brings great sensitivity to the issues that arise when working internationally.

Through Begin Global Coaching, Chris delivers the following key coaching services:

  • Senior clergy, priest and pastor coaching: Caring for the souls of those within your charge is your first call, yet it’s often overtaken by administration and the ‘urgent’. Chris’s coaching helps you to prioritise, overcome challenges and empower those around you keeping the focus on the important.
  • Missionary, NGO and not-for-profit coaching: This sector of the community works with an ever-growing need while suffering funding cuts and having to do the impossible by yesterday. Coaching helps to work within the whirlwind to find, within the leader, ways to overcome difficulties and achieve targets, empower others and build teams.
  • Coaching for surviving spiritual abuse: A growing number of mainline churches are overwhelmed by the failures of their leaders. When a community is in pain, they can find it challenging to learn how to overcome the devastation of spiritual and other forms of abuse. Sensitive coaching can bring restoration by helping churches find safety in new structures, establish trust, and move forward.
  • Life coaching and career profiling: Really understanding your purposethe meaningful unique contribution you can make to the world—can be life changing. Chris’s coaching can help bring clarity and focus to your life, bringing alignment with what you do and who you are, and finding a heart and mind at peace. Through the Green Light Profile system, he helps you gain an understanding of what brings you satisfaction, fulfilment and longevity in your career.
  • Team coaching and facilitation for boards, elders, parish councils and other groups: To build a successful church requires more than good research and clever strategic planning. Effective teams using resources from the National Church Life Survey and Natural Church Development can be coached through the creation and implementation of plans that ensure action and not just talk. When members feel safe, they also feel encouraged to contribute. That’s when change happens.
  • Coach training: Chris has over 12 years of international experience as a trainer of coaches. In partnership with CoachNet South Pacific, he offers accreditation to trainees after they complete a nine-month mentored and hands-on course to become coaches. Shorter courses are also available.

During your sessions with Chris, you’ll reflect on your progress, brainstorm the challenges, identify strategies to overcome in your current circumstances and any blockages preventing progress. The problem-solving skills you learn will strengthen over time and ensure you develop into a truly effective individual and leader. After each session, you’ll receive a written outline of the conversation with the action plans you have set for yourself and a timeline with accountability points to keep you focused and on track.

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Praises from Chris’s clients

Working with Chris has been a great blessing to my ministry. He constantly seeks to ensure that the service of God is brought back to the centre of any discussion of joy or difficulty. Chris also has the great skill of being able to capture my words in assisting me to develop goals for the future. This means that the goals are much easier to “own” and therefore work towards their achievement.

Fr Mark Carlyon – Parish Priest and Archdeacon for the Downs

I consider it a big privilege and blessing to be coached by Chris Harding. Since the time he started serving me, I have felt more order in my life and ministry. Chris helped me to create clear objectives in my life and ministry and now we are working to have a clear intentional plan to reach those objectives. Chris is very insightful and is a sensitive coach. I want to express my deep appreciation to him and to those who created the organization which is helping people like myself to be more effective in ministry. Yours in Christ

Rev. Dmitry Lazuta – Senior Pastor and Director of the Church Planting Movement, Belarus


Being personally coached by Chris has given me the tools and confidence to meet a greater standard in work and home life. The coaching sessions have been challenging, positive, and exceedingly helpful. The outcomes of our time together have been obvious and fruitful.

Fr Claye Middleton  – Parish Priest

Coaching with Chris helped me to understand why I needed to change what I did with my life.  His questions and ability to help me to reflect on my strengths helped me to clearly see how I could better use my gifting, both to bring more joy and fulfilment to myself and to the people I serve.

I continue to be coached by Chris because he helps me to celebrate the beauty of life and developing others but is not afraid to do this through challenging questions that enable me to see more clearly and define steps which lead to unblocking things which seem not to be working.

Sally Mann – National communications South Africa YFC

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