John A Hardy

John A Hardy is the founder and director of Peak Consultancy, a leadership coaching business dedicated to walking beside church leaders, business owners, executives, professionals, schools, community leaders and others and helping them to discover and live their organisational and life purpose.   

Through Peak Consultancy, John delivers the following key coaching services: 

  • Coaching for business leaders: Are you lacking the confidence, struggling to prioritise, getting overwhelmed with your financials, and failing to effectively communicate with your employees? John will help you take control of your business and help it flourish.
  • Coaching for professionals: Do you lack clarity and can’t figure out your career? Are you bogged down with daily activities and can’t see the big picture? John will help you to progress your career while you maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • Coaching for executives: Need to make improvements in both profitability and productivity? Whether you’re an executive seeking assistance for yourself or your management team, John has a proven method that helps executives develop their leadership skills, so their teams can become more successful.
  • Coaching for churches: If you’re trying to build a successful church where everyone works collaboratively and effectively and where your church thrives and serves its community well, then John will give you and your team the best tools to help you achieve your goals.
  • Coaching for schools: Are you and your colleagues struggling to have the crucial conversations that could help improve your school? Need a strategic plan that would help your school succeed? John will work with your leadership team to develop meaningful professional development strategies that will benefit all employees, the school and its community.
  • Life coaching: Do you lack clarity around what you’re trying to achieve in life? Do you want to eliminate the background noise, so you can get to the heart of your challenges and understand the roadblocks to your happiness and satisfaction? John will give you an insight into your life, your circumstances and your visions for the future, and guide you to reach your goals.  

You’ll leave each session with a mindset that allows you to clearly and strategically make positive decisions that will help you succeed. As you work with John, you’ll gain a multitude of practical and valuable skills as well as the confidence it takes to make these purposeful decisions. The skills you learn will strengthen over time and ensure you develop into a truly effective individual and leader.

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Praises from John’s clients

I am at the stage I wanted to be at when I originally engaged you, a year or so ago – i.e. I have a good pipeline of work, am beginning to grow, due in no small part to your assistance, I feel I have a clear picture of where I need to be into the immediate future. 

Thanks for your work in getting me to where I am in my business and personal life right now, I hope we can meet up again down the track.
Rory Murray – Director – Primary Quay


I have been working with John for over 6 months now. In this time, the growth of my business has far exceeded my expectations. I had a vague idea of what I wanted my business to look like in the future but no idea how to get there. Working every month with John has helped me to nut out strategies to realise my business goals. I think one of the biggest benefits of working with him has been to clearly understand what direction my business is going to grow in and what plans I need to put in to place to get me there. I feel very empowered that I can make the right decisions along the way, particularly as opportunities may arise. I am able to assess these opportunities to see if they fit my vision and values and I know I am making the correct decisions rather than just hoping for the best. My advice to anyone considering working with John is firstly – his advice will help you earn far more than the cost and secondly, you will never regret taking that first step. As business owners, we forget to work on building our business instead of just working in it and having a coach makes you step back and do this.
Sarah Thomson – Online Social Butterfly


Having a coach can be summed up in a few words: vision, focus, and alignment.  These three things help keep my train on the track and having a coach who encourages, asking the right questions and offering perspective is essential.  I would highly recommend it.
Rev. Craig Semple – Senior Pastor – Phillip Island Baptist Church


A number of years ago, our church-based charity was struck by a perfect storm of challenge. This significant charity with a large staff had grown from a small baby as a ministry expression of a local church to a very large organisation. 

We needed an individual with sufficient management and leadership experience in a hurry. John Hardy was invited to come and address a grid of critical issues that would steer the charity back towards best practice, full compliance with its contractual obligations, and importantly for the parent body, to be restored into proper relationship.  

This was a very turbulent time and no easy task. However, John was brilliant. He successfully realigned the organisation as directed and set it up for growth and its better future. Today, Southside Care is recognised as one of the best agencies of its type in the Nation.  

John is a strong leader, and this was not always welcomed, but together with his background in other areas, was an essential skill that assisted in his success. John is a clear thinker and knows what needs to be done and has the passion and presentation to pursue such objectives with real force. I must also commend him for his capacity to genuinely own the task. This was demonstrated by his considerable input outside of the minimum requirements for what he was remunerated for. He was constantly prepared to go an extra mile to do what was needed. Other consultants can ‘clock off’ or send you the bill.  

I can recommend John Hardy as an exceptional consultant particularly where a strong ‘lead’ is required and there needs to be a wide skill set.
Pastor Mike Keating – Champion Lakes ACC Church


We decided to explore the option of putting our business up for sale due to personal reasons only to be shocked to receive an evaluation that was far from what we had expected.  

We were shocked to believe how much all the little factors weighed in on the evaluation of our business. Whilst discussing the evaluation and our options it was recommended to us that it might be good for us to consider employing a business coach to explore ways that we can add value to the business and prepare it for sale to gain the most return on our investment.  

I will be honest and say I was very skeptical of the idea of hiring a business coach. How much is it going to cost? Is it going to be worth it? How do I know whether or not the coach is appropriately qualified or not? So many different things ran through our minds.  

We proceeded to meet with John Hardy from Peak Consultancy and spent some time discussing the current position of the business, our personal situation, why we wanted to sell and what we could do. Still with some reservation, we chose to embark on the challenge and hire John to assist us.  

That was about 6 months ago now, and we wish we had done it six years ago when we terminated our agreement with our former franchise. We have gone from working 70 hours a week and no lifestyle or direction to working less hours for the same money. We are currently working on improving a part of our business that has been there for years, underutilised, which has a lot of potential to take our business to another level. Engaging with John has invigorated and helped us open our eyes to consider things that we have never thought of, or overlooked, develop a plan and direction and most importantly help us achieve a work-lifestyle balance.  

No matter what – whether you need to consider options to be able to sell your business or just want someone with experience and knowledge to help you build your business – I strongly recommend John Hardy from Peak Consultancy. I have already recommended him to a few colleagues…
Rino G Saccoccia– DIRECTOR 

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