Linda Harding

Linda Harding is the co-founder and director of Begin Global Coaching, a ministry leadership coaching business committed to empowering church leaders, NGOs, missionary directors, teams, boards and individuals to live and work for the advancement of those they love and for whom they’re responsible. Linda has over 10 years’ experience working cross culturally and as such brings great sensitivity to issues that arise when working with different cultures.

Through Begin Global Coaching, Linda delivers the following key coaching services:

  • Senior clergy, priest and pastor coaching: Caring for the souls of those within your charge is your first call, yet it’s often overtaken by administration and the ‘urgent’. Linda’s coaching helps you to prioritise, overcome challenges and empower those around you, keeping the focus on the important.
  • Missionary, NGO and not-for-profit coaching around the world: This sector of the community works with an ever-growing need while battling funding cuts and having to do the impossible by yesterday. Coaching helps to work within the whirlwind to find, within the leader, ways to overcome difficulties, achieve targets, empower others and build teams.
  • Women in Leadership coaching: Women in leadership often face a unique set of challenges as they seek to be heard and reach their potential. Coaching helps women leaders strategise and achieve their goals. It also provides a safe launching point for those who are pioneering in their field.
  • Life Purpose and empowerment workshops: Being able to enunciate your life purpose helps in decision-making, educational choices and life focus. Linda’s Life Purpose workshops take participants through the process of forming a life purpose statement. Participants are also trained to coach one another into planning and action, empowering both the individual and the group.
  • Coach training: Linda has over 12 years of international experience as a trainer of coaches. In partnership with CoachNet South Pacific, she offers accreditation to trainees after they complete a nine-month mentored and hands-on course to become coaches. Shorter courses are also available.
  • Individual life coaching and career profiling: Really understanding your purpose—the meaningful unique contribution you can make to the world—can be life changing. Linda’s coaching can help bring clarity and focus to your life, bringing alignment with what you do and who you are, and finding a heart and mind at peace. Through the Green Light Profile system, she helps you gain an understanding of what brings you satisfaction, fulfilment and longevity in your career.

During your sessions with Linda, you’ll reflect on your progress, brainstorm the challenges and develop strategies to overcome blockages preventing progress. The problem-solving skills you learn will strengthen over time and ensure you develop into a truly effective individual and leader. After each coaching session, you’ll receive a written outline of the conversation, including the action plans you have set for yourself and a timeline with accountability points to keep you focused and on track.

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Praises from Linda’s clients

Linda has coached me through times of important transitioning, including a job-change, assessing work and life commitments, and making decisions to ensure a good balance between juggling career, dependants, and family life. Her caring input and wise and insightful questioning has led me to be able to healthily evaluate challenges I have faced, set goals, and grapple with difficult situations or people to come through positively and successfully to the other side.

I have always found Linda to be incredibly professional, insightful, and clear in her questioning and coaching skills. Her many years of coaching shine through as she coaches naturally, putting people at ease within the very first session. Her coaching manner and skill have helped me to assess situations practically and thoroughly and come to my own decisions as to the best way forwards in any given situation. Linda is always full of encouragement, friendly and keen to celebrate and shine light on successes and draw the positives out of the lessons learnt.

Rachael Heffer  – Unity Programmes Manager – Evangelical Alliance UK

Linda is my coach and from our very first appointment I came away saying, “I don’t know when I have EVER felt so loved.” Linda has a gift of listening with complete and sincere compassion, but she also guides by asking questions that help me think through the answers for myself. She has been a great “behind the scenes” influence in empowering me to walk through a very difficult time in my life. Linda’s skilful coaching has helped me to determine my priorities and my course of direction. Thank you, Linda!

Judy Manna – International Youth Ministry Trainer with YFCI

Whenever I have something I need to sort out, Linda is just the right person to sit with me, ask me the right questions, help me to clarify where I’m at and where I want and need to go and how I can get there. I value Linda’s ability to help me think through things in a clear and orderly way, helping me to move forward.

Jane Knowles – Senior Servants – Youth for Christ Australia

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